Daily Prompt: Stroll


Happy, hurried, unmolested,
daytime stroll on city streets.


This is one of my all-time favourite images, taken by my daughter at the Pride Toronto Festival. We have come such a long way since my generation lost so many friends and colleagues to AIDs in the 1980s, or witnessed them outed, disparaged or assaulted.

Daily Prompt: Stroll

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  1. cwaugh212

    Perfect combination of bright color against muted, almost colorless background with a minor reflection from the stainless steel column. I see why it is one of your favorites. Your daughter has a talent.


  2. findinghopeness

    Yes, we have come a long way – light years. I think of some of the things I’ve heard come out of the mouths of some people,and seen too, for that matter, and I wish I could go back and say the right thing instead of just standing there in silence like I did then, to my shame. I love the photo.


    1. Lake Writer

      I understand your experience, but I think it was such a time of tumult that no one necessarily had the exact right answer. I worked in a Toronto newsroom, covering politics, and I (along with most of my colleagues) was an aggressive evangelist. I’m not sure we did as much good as we thought we did with our corrective tirades. Everyone worked their way through that period on their own time, in their own way.


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