Mother Earth

mother earth

Marsh grass hides clamor

of peepers singing spring.

Salamanders scrape fleshy

fins on glacial rock, sprinting

to water. A mink came once,

noisy, entitled, predatory

until swans extended bony

wings and honked him away.

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  1. NothingImportant2Say

    I looked through your blog and was impressed with all the photos and topics. Well done, well organized, and informative. I live in Colorado, land locked, so I have different weather here. Lots of snow, but little humidity. I grew up in Maryland, so your blogged was a good reminder of the benefits of living near the water.


    1. Lake Writer

      Thank you for taking the time to stop and look. Landlocked in Colorado, but oh, those mountains and life among them! I know Maryland a little, having worked in Washington briefly, so water is probably a bit in your soul. Nice to meet you. Love the header photo you have on your blog, absolutely gorgeous.

      Liked by 1 person

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