100-Word Story: Music


He bangs out jazz progressions on the grand piano, improvises chords, sight-reads a choral score, blends the notes into harmonious sound. He is seven, but not a prodigy. The music is encoded in his DNA, a chromosome delivered to the family males, beneficiaries of a tuneful double helix generations long. All his life, he will soar on musicality, find melody even in the fall of feet on sidewalks, take up restaurant chopsticks to record a rhythm in his head. Sometimes, he will break into song instead of speak. Always, the orchestration of a waterfall will make him weep.

Daily Prompt: Music

Image: “Piano Hands 5”, © 2009 alexanderward12, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

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  1. findinghopeness

    Makes me think of Glenn Gould on his way to the cottage. I see him sitting in a diner over a breakfast of scrambled eggs and listening to the music of various voices, clattering dishes, a child’s joyful laugh, and the traffic whizzing by outside. He looks up and smiles back at a hard-working waitress taking a moment to smile at him. She gets it.

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  2. jademwong

    Ooh, a musical gene in one’s DNA, that opens up a gateway of possibilities. What if there’s an artistic gene (for future Van Goghs and Picassos) and a writing gene and so on and so forth? What a great take on the prompt!


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