Daily Prompt: Newspaper

Dead Cows-edited

Newspapers saved me.

Anchored to nothing,

a misfit, introvert,

I found my tribe

in the gritty,

hectic newsrooms

I chose for life.

Reportage calms

and amends us,

notebook protective

of the need

to talk.  But it is the

tribal customs,

the unravelling puzzles,

the distilling truths

and downing power,

the purpose that crowns us,

that sustains us best.


Daily Prompt: Newspapers

Image: Lake Writer (from an on-the-road assignment, taken under a found sign)


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Newspaper

  1. Been there, done that. I think you captured the spirit very well indeed. If only other people knew and appreciated how much we care about getting them the news they have a right to know, to shed light on their world.

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    1. Right with you there. I’ve read a lot of daily prompt entries (today’s on WordPress was newspaper) that take apart the industry – a stand I obviously don’t agree with. You’re right that very few people (including many of those I’ve met in my career) have no idea what kind of work goes into getting it right, following it up, presenting it in context and consulting as many sources as possible to make it balanced. However, I do understand that the vast majority of people have no idea how it’s actually done – and maybe that’s our industry’s fault? Anyway, thanks for the comment, appreciated.


      1. Yes, I got home after being in Owen Sound and saw today’s daily prompt. Of course, I couldn’t let that one pass, as you may see. Nice reply from you back, by the way. Where did you work?


      2. Just sent you a friend request on Facebook so we can chat more. And the coffee has to be in Lion’s head, which is where I’d live if I didn’t live here!


      3. Lion’s Head is great. In my humble opinion the most scenic, and friendly, little village I know.


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