The box was very dirty.  A relative had saved it for years, and then it came to me today. It held my mother’s scrapbook, which I had never seen, pasted with mementos from her first few years of married life, including a honeymoon in New York City, and the newspaper clippings of her wedding.


Her attendants wore heavenly blue,

lime green, old rose and orchid.

She carried orange blossoms.

Her dress

had a sweetheart neckline.

The images float

before me,



She never talked

about her wedding,

or her early days

as a ‘domestic


the nomenclature

she adopted

in the 70s,

when the first

raw bursts of


enabled her.

I would have liked

to know more.


Daily Prompt: Dirty

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  1. Laurie

    I had at one time, an old Whitman sampler box. My Nana had been given the sweets by her first love. That’s all I know. Why they did not end up together she never shared but it was clear she was deeply in love with him. She kept a dried corsage and bits of lace in the box too.

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  2. Dymoon

    wow seeing the picture, brught back memories of the scarpbook I made when I was touring. I rediscovered it years ago.. and yes, it brought back memories, but the Virgo in me cringed at the old way we put things in books with scotch tape, old postcards and the like, cocktail napkins that used to be put under drinks.. I saved it for years and then one day… took what still said something to me, and got rid of the rest.. reading your post, seeing the picture, now… I reflect on my actions… .. thanks for the memory

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